Sometimes it just takes time.

Lately I’ve been learning more about why waiting is so valuable and necessary to a healthy, well-lived life. Waiting certainly doesn’t come naturally – I instinctively want to quit or […]

More and more these days, I’m realizing that feeling happy is all about having a healthy perspective. It totally does come from appreciating things. We’re called to be thankful because […]

You can’t tell it to look at me, but I am an emotional mess. My own mistakes and naivety got me here, and I really really wish I had known […]

I’m always working on myself. It’s a never ending drive to be wiser…healthier…prettier…more organized…more loving…more loveable. I try hard to avoid comparing myself with other people because I instantly feel […]

He took me aside, and with a solemn expression he said: “Amy, you’re beautiful – though you don’t know it yet. I suspect that when the time comes for you […] After reading this article, I am convinced. For better or for worse, I am extremely sensitive. It does explain why I care so much that that *one* person doesn’t […]

My introverted personality has always been a main source of disappointment with myself. It happens simply by default: being quiet and reserved lends me to being more easily forgotten or […]

Back when we started We didn’t know how hard it was Living on nothing But what the wind would bring to us Now we’ve got something I can imagine fighting […]