I feel myself growing a thicker skin.  Upon being hurt in my past I’ve generally responded with sadness and self-debasement; I’ve assumed I’m the problem and must somehow deserve it; […]

Some people seem amazed that I exercise regularly. I actually wonder why and how they don’t! I LOVE being physically active, and running in particular, because exercise really seems to […]

My strong-willed 4 year old has this habit of, when he wants something, saying  “I want some juice!” or “I want you to give me some juice!” I’m trying to teach him […]

It’s stressful not knowing what the future holds, isn’t it? I’ll never really know until after life’s over whether or not the decisions I make and paths I take have […]

“It costs personal fear to be authentic, but the reward is integrity, and by integrity I mean a soul fully integrated, no difference between his act and his actual person. […]

Don't Apologize for Who You Are

I have done this my whole life. I’ve had trouble distinguishing between my sin from my personality. And now that I’ve learned a thing or two, I can see it […]

“Love is not self-seeking.” I keep hearing those words in my head these days when I’m about to do something that is purely selfish… Sometimes I listen to it and […]

If it was easy...

If it was easy, everyone would do it. I heard this last week, and just keep thinking about it. I find it so inspiring… It’s been encouraging me to muster […]